Today is the day that you and the boys are going back home and you're upset because you live in Cardiff but Brad lives in Birmingham and if you want to see him any time soon it's a 2-3 hour car journey, depending on how bad the traffic is. You sit on the edge of the bed and look through some of the tweets you've been getting from The Vamps fans, some of them are nice, but a suprising amount of them are just plain mean! They say stuff like, "How dare you! Brad is MINE and don't even start to think for one second that you can take him away from me!", Usually this type of thing would upset you but you just reply to them with, "I'm sorry but we fell in love and we can't help it! Please can you be happy for me and Brad instead of hating us! #MuchLove #DontTakeOffence".  

As you're replying to a load of tweets you hear someone knocking the door so you put your phone down and go to open the door. There's nobody there so you think to yourself, "That's strange!", and you look down the hallway to see if there's anyone there, but there's not. As you go to close the door you see a white envelope with your name in calligraphy written on it. You pick the envelope up and go back in your room and close the door behind you. Feeling curious you decide to open the envelope. Inside there's a small note that reads, "As it's our last day in London I thought I would treat you to a suprise. But things aren't as simple as you would think! To find out what the suprise is you must go on a treasure hunt. If you look in the top left drawer of your dresser you will find a tape player with one tape already in it. Your first clue is on that tape so listen carefully! Love you lots, Brad. xxx" 

You find the tape player and you notice that it's one of those old fashioned one's you told Brad you wanted months ago, you find yourself muttering to yourself, "Oh my god, I can't believe he remembered!". You place the headphones over your ears and you hit PLAY. On the recording you hear Brad telling you that you will find your second clue hidden in his favourite restaraunt and that you just have to tell the person behind the counter, "Brad's sent me for the recording.". The tape stops and the first thing that pops into your head is Nandos, so you grab your phone, the tape player and your coat, then you venture out to find the nearest Nandos.


    This is my first fan-fic so I would really like to know what you think! Please
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    December 2012