As most of you will already know, in a few days the vamps are going to be going to America for a month to do some writing and recording for their album!! They will be going to New York and then Los Angeles. They are going to be staying in an apartment in Times Square so make sure to keep an eye out!! Us vampettes from the UK will miss them dearly so please don't keep them or hurt them! =) But at the same time I bet that all you US vampettes are VERY excited!!

As many of you already know, The Vamps are looking for a new member of the band. The new member must be able to play bass guitar and sing.  According to rumours the new member is going to be Connor. Suspisions gathered as he started tweeting with the boys a lot more often and can in fact play bass and sing! He is also within the age range as he is currently 16 years old. Nobody knows how much of  this is true but many vampettes/ions from accross the world have been asking if he is the new member and, although they haven't said yes, they haven't denied it. Stay tuned for more news! 

Twitter - https://twitter.com/ImCalledConnor
YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/user/hanandcon

For the twelfth day of Christmas the boys decided that Tristan would do a Q&A tonight at 8pm GMT. Fans are very happy as Tristan very rarely posts on Twitter and it's a chance for them to get noticed and possibly followed.

However, I don't know how the rest of you feel about it, but personally I think it's a bit of a let-down as I was expecting something really big and/or special for the TWELFTH day. If you feel the same or even if you don't, tell me in the comments and we can have a discussion about it.

On a side note, I hope you're all having a vamp-tastic Christmas Eve! xx

Today the boys asked fans to send in anything creative they have done for The Vamps such as photos, poems, personalised clothing etc. by 8pm GMT. They then judged what was sent in and chose 9 of their favourites. Those 9 people that were chosen go to do a personal tinychat with the boys at 9pm GMT. Unfortunately this 'gift' for the 12 days of christmas wasn't very good as tens of thousands of people were left feeling quite upset that their entry wasn't chosen. I also heard of one of the winners that some 'so-called fans' tryed to gate-crash the tinychat which resulted in the connection being slow. This meant that the winners were unable to enjoy the tinychat to it's fullest. Congratulations to you 9 lucky people if you are reading this! And good luck for next-time everyone else! xx
As most of you already know, the boys did a Q&A for the '10th Day of Christmas'. Many vampettes/vampions accross the world were
looking forward to get noticed by them or, if they hadn't been already, to get followed.

To join in on the Q&A fans had to write out
their question in the form of a tweet and attach #AskTheVamps. The Q&A was a huge success and within a few minutes it was the 2nd WorldWide Trend on Twitter. Unfortunately, the boys couldn't answer everyones questions because they reached tweet limit in just over half an hour!

For those lucky enough to have one of their questions answered CONGRATULATIONS!! However, for those like me who did not get an answer don't dwell on it, the boys love their fan-base very much and try their best to notice us all, you will get noticed one day. I promise you. xx



    I'm a Welsh vampette and proud! I will try and bring you all Vamps related news but, unfortunately, I may not be able to publish right on time as I have to try and fit it in to my school time-table :( xx


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