You throw the door to your hotel room open in frustration of not knowing what's happening. As you look up you see a free-standing easel with a large canvas on it, on the canvas you see some amazing, graffiti-style writing that says "You can now open the present!". You walk over to the desk and you place the small gift on it. You take a deep breath and you gently pull one of the loose strands of ribbon to undo the bow. You lift the lid off and there's a note on top of whatever else is inside the box, the note says, "Turn it on straight away!" with a smiley face and a heart at the end. Feeling even more confused you take the note out and there's a brand new, white iPhone 5 shining up at you. You take it out and turn it on just like the note told you to. Once the phone has loaded fully a message pops up on the screen telling you to turn around.

You turn around to see Brad stood there, holding some paper up. You read what is written on the paper, "I know it's our last day here...", then Brad puts that bit of paper on the floor and you read the next one, "And I don't want to be away from you...", again he changes the paper, "Since our love has just started...", "So I gave your mum a ring...", "And said that you asked me to ask her...", "If I could come back for a week or two...", "And she replied with, yes that'll be fine...", "So what I'm trying to say is...", then the next piece of paper has an arrow pointing to his face, then he says to you, "If it's OK with you, can I come down to Wales with you, so we don't have to part so soon, and our love will surely bloom. I love you babe." Then he drops the paper and makes a heart with his hands


    This is my first fan-fic so I would really like to know what you think! Please leave a comment with your opinion!


    January 2013