The note reads, "I hope you like the puppy! She's your's to keep! I chose her out because she's just as sweet and cuddly as you but most importantly she's nearly just as gorgeous as you! Now for the next step you must walk outside the shop (You can take the puppy she's paid for) look to your LEFT and look for James. He will give you your next clue and a present. But WHATEVER you do you CANNOT open the present until you have been told that you can! P.S. The puppy's name isn't Rome, it's just the only name I could think of that rhymed. You can name the puppy whatever you like!.". You place the note inside your pocket and then you hook your hand through the loop of the lead and you start walking towards the exit. 

James comes running up to you and hands you the gift. Then he tells you that you have to go to Tristan's hotel room to find out more. "Do you have any idea what my nut-case of a boyfriend is planning?", you ask James in hope of an answer. "No he won't tell me anything either so I'm just as confused as you sorry. And... You just called him your boyfriend for the first time!". He mock's you for a little while and then tell's you that you should probably hurry and get to the hotel before Trist falls asleep. You are now more confused than ever and as you walk back to the hotel carrying the gift in one hand and the puppy, who you decided to name Lilly, you feel your eyes staring at the neatly wrapped gift.

You arrive at Tristan's hotel room and before you have chance to open the door, it bursts open and Tristan jumps out at you shouting "SUPRISE!". You notice that he's wearing a sheep costume, "OK, first things first... What's with the costume? And then secondly, do you have ANY idea what the maniac has planned?" you ask Tristan. "The costume is clue number 1 from me and no I don't have a clue!" he replies. "I am so confused right now! So what's the second clue?" you ask him whilst pacing slightly. "All I can say is that I have to take the puppy off you and 'dog-sit' and you have to go up to your room and then open the gift. Have a baa-ry good day." He informs you and then you both laugh and say good-bye and you walk up to your room.". 


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    January 2013