Brad sleepily enters the studio room and a huge smile accross his face that
makes him look like he's had all of his christmas' at once! Instinctively, James
turns around and simply says, "Looks like SOMEONE 'S had a good night!" he stops
to laugh and Tristan continues James' sentence, "Who is she then" he raises his
right eyebrow as he speaks. Brad is paying absoloutely NO attention to the boys
and he justs strolls over to the sofa on the other side of the room and he just
falls onto it. James and Tristan start laughing to eachother about how Brad's
'Away with the fairies' when they hear steady knock on the door with "It's only
me!" following after. Next thing they know Brad's sprining over to open the door
for you. Both James and Tristan look really confused at eachother as if to say,
"But I thought they'd 'friend-zoned' eachother?". Brad takes the shopping bag
out of your hand, places it on the coffee table and picks you up, bringing your
bodies close together, and he spins you around romantically like they do on the
movies then, as he places you back down on the ground, he whispers in your ear,
"I missed you so much!". You give him a kiss but it doesn't last long because
you are both too busy giggling because you're 'giddy in love'.

You and Brad take a gentle grasp of eachother's hands and you lead the way
into the room, picking the shopping bag back up, and you walk over to the sofa
and sit down. Before Brad even has chance to sit down next to you he gets rugby
tackled by James and Tristan. They're both mocking Brad about how he's 'turned
soft' and that he's a 'hopeless romantic'. He struggles yet he manages to push
them away and you all start laughing, then Brad has a serious look on his face
and tells the boys that he can't help if he's in love. You walk over to him,
give him a big hug, run your hand through his soft, curly hair and kiss him
gently. He brings his hands up to your face and takes a gentle hold of your
face. Once you've finished kissing you rest your heads together and just look
into each other's eyes and gently wrap your arms round eachothers necks. You
both whisper, "I love you" then you go and sit on the sofa. "You guys finished?"
Tristan asks with a slight laugh in his voice.

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