You walk out of the hotel reception and you see Brad leaning against the car,
waiting for you. He look up and as soon as he sees you he starts smiling like
crazy and opens the passenger door ready for you. "After you beautiful" he says
to you whilst holding the car door open. You give him a kiss and then you get in
the car and Brad closes the door for you as if he's your chauffeur and then jogs
over to the other side of the car and gets in the drivers side. He clicks his
seatbelt into place and then ensures that you have done the same. "Ready?" he
asks, you nod whilst looking into his eyes and then you lean in to give him
another kiss.

The car slowly pulls out of the street. Both you and Brad are smiling madly
and then one of The Vamps recent singles comes on and you both start giggling.
When you've finished laughing Brad has a serious yet loving look on his face, he
quietens his voice and tells you that he wrote this song about you and that he
had planned to sing it to you to show you how he felt but he didn't have the
confidence to so he asked James and Tris if they could release it, hoping that
you would realise that it was about you. Then he intertwines your hand with his
and rests it on the gear stick.

After a few minutes a smile spreads across your face and you whisper, "So, I
guess that's our song.". At first Brad seems confused but then he simply says,
"Yeah, I guess it is." then he brings your hand up to his face and he kisses the
back of your hand ever so gently and then rests your locked hands back on the
gear stick.

You arrive at the studio and as you're walking in you hear your stomach
grumbling, "I'm going to pop in the shop to get something to eat 'cause we
didn't have time for breakfast. Do you want anything hunny-bun?" you ask. Brad
replies, "Yes pwease sweety-pie." whilst smiling cheekily at you. You ask what
room you should go up to when you come back and Brad tells you that they're
going to be in room 216. You both go your separate ways and you can feel
yourself missing him like crazy already.

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    December 2012