As most of you already know, the boys did a Q&A for the '10th Day of Christmas'. Many vampettes/vampions accross the world were
looking forward to get noticed by them or, if they hadn't been already, to get followed.

To join in on the Q&A fans had to write out
their question in the form of a tweet and attach #AskTheVamps. The Q&A was a huge success and within a few minutes it was the 2nd WorldWide Trend on Twitter. Unfortunately, the boys couldn't answer everyones questions because they reached tweet limit in just over half an hour!

For those lucky enough to have one of their questions answered CONGRATULATIONS!! However, for those like me who did not get an answer don't dwell on it, the boys love their fan-base very much and try their best to notice us all, you will get noticed one day. I promise you. xx

sarah brown
10/23/2013 11:57:42 pm

i love the vamps and this website helped me to know about how they started but maybe more photo's but other then that i love the website and i love James out of all of them, but still love them all xxxx

8/3/2015 02:58:05 am

I love the vamps especially James. I love all the posts you give us about the vamps so carry on writing about the vamps

8/3/2015 03:13:11 am

I love James than anyone else in the vamps so I guess that I am in love with James Daniel McVey 😍. My friend Jamie roke is in love with Bradley Simpson 😍

jamie roke
8/3/2015 03:07:16 am

Hey its Jamie and I love all the posts your doing I love brad like boyfriend and girlfriend but unfortunately were not bf and gf I hope onenday we will


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