"Ok then lets... One minute! Did you just say LIMO?", you say with an excited tone in your voice. Brad just nods at you and then he walks to the door, holds it open for you and says, "After you, beautiful.". "Brad, you really know how to make a girl feel special!", you say whilst stretching up to give him a kiss on the cheek. You both walk hand in hand down the hallway, bumping into each other playfully. 

You're in the limo and Brad pours you and him a small glass of champagne and, once he hands you yours, he toasts, "To us!" and as he lifts his glass you interrupt him, "No, to love!". Then your glasses clink together and you both say 'To love' and then you take a sip of the champagne. "You've really gone all out, haven't you!", you tell Brad and he tells you that you're worth it and any girl that's as special as you needs to know it. As he speaks, he gently lifts your chin up so that he can look into your eyes and tell you once again that he loves you. 

You arrive at the restaurant and you thought that Brad was going to choose Nandos because, well, he's Brad! But it turns out that he's chosen a really posh restaurant that's 5 stars! The driver get's out and comes round to hold the limo door for you and Brad. Brad gets out after you and as you start walking towards the restaurant the driver says, "Have a good evening ma'am and sir.", you laugh a little at this because he has a very posh English accent.

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