After a few days in hospital, you feel back to your old self and the doctors
finally let you go back to the hotel and they tell you that you have to make
sure you are drinking plenty. Brad takes you back to the hotel and helps you
pack most of your stuff up because it's your last day in London. "I forgot to
mention that we've all been invited to a movie premier tonight, would you like
to come?" Brad asks you, hoping that you'll say yes. "Sure! What time is it?",
you reply. Brad hesitates for some reason and then tells you, "It's at 7 but we
were thinking of going for a meal before-hand if that's OK?" you tell him that
it's fine and then you ask if there's a specific dress code. Brad tells you that
it's black tie and that he will pick you up at around 5. "I'll see you then.",
you tell him and then you give him a kiss goodbye.

You find your best LBD, which you now feel relieved you brought with you, and
you lay it on the bed ready along with your favourite, black wedges. You notice
that its 4 o'clock already and you start to do your make-up. You do a subtle
smoky eye and then you use a lip brush to apply a dark burgundy lipstick that
makes your lips look full and kissable. Then you style your hair in big, natural
looking curls. You start to get dressed and as you are putting your shoes on
theres a knock at the door, "Come in!" you shout to whoever's at the door. Brad
walks in and as soon as he lays eyes on you, you see his face light up and he
tells you how gorgeous you look, "You scrub up quite well yourself!", you say
whilst looking at how handsome yet cute he looks in his black suit and tie. You
walk up to him and give him a hug and then you ask where Tristan and James are.
"Well that's the thing see, we haven't been invited to a premier, I just wanted
to suprise you!", he tells you then he pulls a single red rose from behind his
back and passes it to you. "Awww, babe. That's so sweet!", you wrap your arms
around his neck and look deep into his eyes, "I love you Brad.", you whisper to
him and you stay like that for a while, holding eachother. "We best get going
now because the limo will be waiting." Brad says with a cheeky grin on his

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