The doctor is fussing over you, checking your pulse, blood pressure,
temperature etc. "You should be out of here in no time!" the doctor tells you
and then he writes some stuff down in a file and then puts the file in a little
slot at the end of the bed then leaves. Brad comes over to you and sits on the
edge of the bed next to you and he gently pushes your hair out of your eyes,
"Would you like me to get you anything sweety?" he asks you. "Can I have a drink
please?" your throat still feels dry as you speak. "Sure hun." Brad replys to
you and as he's about to get up to go get some water for you and James tells him
to stay there and that he'll go get it for you, "Thank you." Brad says to James
and then James leaves you, Brad and Tristan in the room. Tristan coughs and then
says, "I'm just going to get some coffee, do you want anything Brad?", "Nah, I'm
good, but thanks anyways." Brad replys then Tristan nods and leaves the room so
that it's just you and Brad left.

 James goes to walk back in but he sees Brad leaning over you, whispering,
"It's going to be OK, I promise.", then he kisses you gently on the cheek and
cuddles up to you. James is waiting at the door just watching whilst thinking
"Why can't I have a relationship like that?" then Tristan comes up behind him
and asks why he's waiting outside and James just nods towards you and Brad
cuddling on the bed. Then Tristan knocks on the door and Brad jumps up, "Sorry,
I didn't see you there." he says to Tristan and James. "It's OK, I got a jug of
water from the nurse for you." James tells you. "Thanks.", you reply and then
Brad takes the water off of James and pours you a small glass. Then he puts it
on the bedside table and helps you sit up, places the pillows neatly behind your
back and passes you the water. You take a small sip and another, you start to
feel a little bit better with each sip of water. "Thank you.", you say again and
you find it slightly easier ti speak now, you continue speaking, "God! I must
look so pathetic right now!", you try to laugh but it sounds more like a squeak.
"Don't be so stupid, you look beautiful, honest!", Brad tells you sweetly, then
he leans in to kiss you and gives a warm, tight hug.

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