You're sat on one side of the room whilst the boys are sat on the other side.
They only just started the TwitCam and you can't help but smile at the way Brad
is with the fans. Brad see's you smiling sweetly at him and he motions for you
to come over by them, you get up and walk over to them, Brad was sat in the
middle so you just go to sit by James instead. "Don't be silly!" you hear Brad
telling you then he continues, "Come here hun!", then he pats his hands on his
lap. "OK then.", you reply with a slightly nervous tone in your voice because
you suddenly realise that there are thousands of eyes on you right now. You walk
past James and then you perch on Brad's lap, he wraps his arms around your waist and you can feel your anxiety slipping away and you forget that people all
around the world are watching you, and you feel like it's just you and him there
and no-one could ruin this moment...

"HELLO!", you hear multiple voices calling your name and you feel someone
gently shaking your shoulder. "What?" your voice sounds more like a croak, your
throat feels dry and you feel very drowsy. You open your eyes to see a worried,
yet relieved look on Brad's face. You then realise that you are in a hospital
room and you start to panick. Brad trys to reassure you, "Don't worry babe, you
fainted during the TwitCam so we stopped straight away and I phoned an
ambulance. I was so worried about you sweety! It turns out that you were
dehydrated so they brought you back here, to the hospital, and they hooked you
up to an IV drip." 

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    December 2012