Both Tristan and James are discussing which cover to post on YouTube today
but Brad is too busy looking at you like he doesn't ever want you to leave his
side and you're just cuddled up to him then you see his phone poking out of his
pocket. You point to his phone and look up at him with puppy-dog eyes and he
giggles a little bit then just nods his head. "Yay!" you say with a laugh and
then you take his phone out of his pocket and log in to Twitter. James gets up
and walks over towards you and Brad. "HELLO!", James shouts whilst waving his
hand infront of Brad's face, "EARTH TO BRAD!". Brad shouts back at him, "YES!",
and all of you start laughing.

Brad apologizes and asks what they were
talking about. Tristan lets Brad and you know that they are finding it difficult
to choose what cover they're going to post. "Well what if you choose 3 of your
favourite ones and then do a twitcam or something so that the fans can vote for
which one they want?", you suggest to the boys, "That's a great idea babe" Brad
says whilst inter-locking your hands together. "Yeah! And then our little
Bradmundo can tell everyone the announcement!", James says while laughing. "Well
then, it's sorted! I'll announce that we're doing a twitcam in about ten minutes
on twitter.", Tristan says, then he get's his phone out, posts a new tweet about
the twitcam and then James tell's him that he had better put
it on the Facebook aswell.

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    December 2012