You wake up the next morning to the sound of gentle breathing and the feeling
of someone running their hand through your hair, you look up to see 
Brad looking down at you, he smiles and then says "Morning sweetheart"
then you grin back up at him and simply say "Morning" yet there is so much more
behind that one word. You both lay there cuddled up for a while. Then Brad
whispers into your ear "I love you so much" then he sweetly kisses you on your
forehead. You reply, "I love you too" and then you cuddle back up.

"Crap!", you hear Brad mutter to himself and, even though you dread to know
whats wrong, you ask him what's up. "I was supposed to be meeting James and Tris
in the studio so we could cover another song and do some writing and recording
for the new album at 9:30 and its 9:00 now." he tells you. "Well it only takes
about 10 minutes to get there by car so, if your quick, you should make it there
on time." you reply to him. He then says, "Yeah, I guess" then he looks deep
into your eyes and, with a slight grin, he continues, "Will you come with me
please? Because, if I'm honest, I don't think I can bare being away from you
because I love you TOO much!". "Sure, but only 'cause you want me too!" you say
with a giggle but you both know that you can't bare to be apart from him either.
"I'll meet you by the car in a bit but I gotta go to my room now so I can get
changed. Love you." you say then you start walking over to the door and Brad
says "I love you too!" but you also hear him whisper to himself, "I never
thought I would ever be with you because we were 'Just Friends' but now it's
happened and I don't want it to stop." 

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    December 2012