As you walk out of the hotel you remember that there's a Nando's just down the street that Brad insisted you all went to the other day. You walk off towards it. It's only a few minutes to walk there and once you get there you walk in and approach the front desk. "Hi, umm, Brad's sent me about the recordings.", you stutter as you speak to the woman behind the desk because you're slightly confused. "Ok, could you tell me your name please?", the woman asks, so you tell her your name and she tells you that she'll be back in a minute. You wait for her to come back, feeling slightly anxious. She comes back and hands you a small brown envelope, "Here you go. Have a good day!" 

You walk outside and you see a bench across the road so you walk over and take a seat. You take the envelope out of your pocket, the envelope reads, "For you my love x". You carefully peel open the envelope to find another tape, you get your tape player out and put the new cassette in and press play, "For your second clue you have a riddle... Now you must go to Pets at Home, for Jess you must buy a bone and at the checkout don't forget to ask for Rome." After the riddle, the tape cuts out. You around thinking to yourself, "But he knows that I don't know where anything is in London so why the hell is he sending me to all these shops?" you look around in hope of finding Pets at Home on the high street  Luckily, you see a Pets at Home sign just a few shops over from where you are. 

You look around the 'dog's treats' section for the dog bones. You finally find one, you pick it up and walk towards the checkout. As you get served you remember that you have to ask for Rome, so before you pay you tell the man behind the checkout that you are to ask for Rome, but you're not sure what it means. He also asks for your name so you tell him and he tells you to follow him. He walks to the back of the shop and tells you to wait where you are, and then he walks into the back room. After a few minutes the door to the back room opens and a chocolate brown Labrador puppy runs out to you. You pick the puppy up and it starts licking your face. You laugh and then you notice a piece of paper on its collar.

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    January 2013