You are staying with Brad, James and Tristan in a London hotel because you  are all best friends and they invited you to go sight seeing whilst they were working on their new album and to give some feedback on the songs. You go up to Brad's hotel room so that you can watch a horror film together, Tristan and James went out for a meal because they didn't want to watch the film. You sit on the bed whilst Brad turns the film on then, once the film has started, he gets in next to you. About a quarter of the way through the film a really scary part comes up and you jump a mile! When you jumped you accidentally spilt your drink on Brad's t-shirt, He starts giggling then he gets up, takes his shirt off and puts it on the radiator to dry.

He gets back into bed and continues watching the film. You feel yourself being distracted from the film by the look of pure innocence on his face and then he notices you looking lovingly up at him and asks what's wrong, thinking he had something on his head or something. Caught in the moment you slowly stretch your neck up to him and give him a gentle kiss on the lips. Brad doesn't kiss you back and you feel so embarrased and awkward that you turn your back to him
and your cheeks start burning and reddening. After a few minutes he asks you why you topped kissing him and why you turned your back to him. You simply tell him that he wasn't kissing back which made you realise that he didn't feel the same way back and he only sees you as a friend. Brad turns you so that you are facing him and then, in a soft voice, he says " I wanted to
kiss you back, but I have waited so long for this moment and I thought that you'd 'friend-zoned' me that, to be honest, I just froze." You question his words, finding them hard to believe, but you realise that he's telling you the truth.

After a few minutes silence, Brad turns to you and gently lifts your chin up so that you are both eye-to-eye and then gives you a long, gentle kiss. When the kiss finishes you rest your head on is chest and he wraps his arms around you, making you feel safe, like nothing could hurt you when you are in his arms, and you both  slip into a deep, peaceful sleep, protected in eachothers arms.
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I thought this was really good!


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